Centro Porsche

“There is no doubt that the Finca de La Nava del Barranco is wonderful.” April 2015.


“The estate is incredible, something wonderfull y we have returned enchanted. Also, the food was extraordinary. Thank you very much.”

July 2016


“Good morning Javier: I am just writing a few lines from the airport to thank you for the treatment received at La Nava. Both from Peugeot and from my company we are delighted, not only with the facilities, but also with the staff that works for you, as well as with Beatriz.
We hope to repeat the event every year and thus be able to institutionalize it. Hopefully we can meet in one of our visits. Again, thank you very much for everything.”

Septembre 2016.


“Hello, Bea, you are right in your statements, La Nava leaves nobody indifferent, but above all its staff is the one that also brings a great attraction to the place. You made us feel like real kings. Thank you all (Margarita, Miguel Ángel, José, the people who gave us such a wonderful lunch in the field) Please, thank everyone for my part and of course you, Bea, for always being aware of CWT. A hug.”

Septembre 2016.

Crédito y Caución

“Dear Javier and Beatriz, I want to thank you for the magnificent and above all the experience lived during the weekend that we spent in your spectacular estate. I imagine that you will be tired of so much gratitude and praise for the house, the facilities and especially for the staff, but really, as you well know, I am a hunter and I have had the possibility of having been in very good farms (in some we have already coincided), but it is true that as yours there are very, very few, the treatment we have received has been incredible. Also tell you that I have had extraordinary feedback from the rest of the attendees, they are people who are used to going to some events of the Company of much, much level, always 5 stars, business, etc, etc, etc, and the general comment and even the general management that has learned, has been a 10. I also want to leave for the end, the magnificent management and treatment received by Beatriz, that without her, it would not have been possible to organize the weekend. A hug and until the next event that 100% we will repeat.”

Septembre 2016


“Good evening Beatriz, A pleasure for us to enjoy these days at La Nava, and believe me that both, me and my partner, have become fond of the staff, for their kindness, affection, mutual respect and appreciation, and all that made our stay extremely comforting. Our guests have taken a wonderful and unique experience, very aware of the affection we have put into the event, beyond the economic thing. Everybody have asked us to repeat it once more on some other occasion ;-)

Although we never enjoyed it as much as the guests, this time I have felt at home, also pampered. A hug.”

March 2017.

Home Away

April 2017.

EL Corte Inglés

“Beatriz, I would like you to send a thank you letter to Javier Medem and congratulations at the same time for all the services provided at La Nava for the Canon events from the 16th and 19th to the 21st of May. The new technologies have given more speed to all our actions and human relationships, we often seek to create a quick impact but it is ultimately superficial and short-lived, I think Javier has given La Nava and his team a different spirit than seeks to penetrate in the depths of people. In La Nava literally stops time and is enjoyed from all the senses. Organizing an event at La Nava is a unique and fantastic experience.”

May 2017


“Beatriz, the truth is that everything went great. The estate and especially its staff is a 10 … We are already working for a third edition with some possible change as the dinner in the field … I convey to Eduardo your thanks.”

Septembre 2017.


“Hello Beatriz! I take this opportunity to thank you for everything during our experience at La Nava. We had a great time and without a doubt, the awesome service and estate! Everyone was delighted, so thank you very much.”

February 2018


A spectacular space; the service and the impressive estate, in short, a fantastic and spectacular place; every year you surpass yourself… The following thing: an island for the group in Mallorca or Ibiza.”

March 2018

Spain Unspoilt, May 2016

Dear Beatriz,

Thanks a million for the fantastic day we spent yesterday. Please say thank you from us to Javier and our congratulations for the stunning finca he has created. We really thought it is a luxury and beautiful place.

We think it could be a very interesting option for our clients.

Again thank you. We had a great time.”

Origen Agency, April 2016

Hi Beatriz,

What a beautiful estate, we just loved it, it’s really the most beautiful estate I’ve ever seen!!

I found it absolutely fantastic and I will recommended it at any occasion.

Oliviere Lechere, Chanel:

Dear Beatriz, our stay was with no doubt far too short as we had an amazing time and the others from the group are sharing my opinion. The area is spectacular and one cannot stay indifferent to the elegance of the house with its fine taste and the kindness and professionality of all the staff. We decided to come back to the Nava for our next management seminar.  Kind regards.

Vicente S.:

Dear Beatriz,

Stephanie and I wanted to thank you again for your help, for introducing us to Almudena and Javier and for your company last Friday. Not only was it a lovely stay, but also a way to experience personally the finca with its attractive installations.

But what most impressed us with Stephanie, was all your input in the project from the very beginning and the warm welcoming we had from Javier and Almudena who are very nice. All those details make us drawing the conclusion that we could not find a better place to celebrate such a special and important family meeting like the one we had in mind.


Stunning place, it was really worth it.


The feedback from our Management staff is very good, the place is really spectacular and we were looked after exquisitely.

Dog friendly traveler:

This place in La Mancha is ideal for those who can enjoy the exclusivity. Dreams become reality here.

Viajes singulares:

Thank you for allowing us to know such a marvelous place.

Verónica, Laboratorios IFC:

It has been an unforgettable and very impressive experience. The surrounding place as the impressive and exquisite service.

Congratulations to all the staff from us. And we will for sure come back to one of your propositions. Do not hesitate to keep us informed on your news that you can offer us. Thank you.

Novo Nordisk Laboratories

Dear Beatriz,

I just received the feedback from the participants and they were all absolutely delighted with everything, the staff, the property but the cook was just amazing!
Please transmit our gratitude to all the staff, the meeting has been a great success and for sure we will repeat again with you.

April 2018